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Internet: an amazing advertising medium… from a statistic side

Advertising industry keeps growing and shining: « Forecasts Global Ad Spending to Surpass $500 Billion in 2011 », according to GroupM. « Significantly, the report said measured internet advertising is expected to contribute 37 percent of global ad growth in 2011 and is likely to reach $82 billion, a growth rate that suggests it will overtake … Continue reading

Towards a new world order of unlimited findability

Last winter, I spent some cold nights reading an inspiring book warmly recommended by Shannon Ryan, CEO of my agency: Ambient Findability, by Peter Morville. The author has put together his findings from information science research and his own extensive experience as Information Architect. Considering that anyone could find anything at any time has huge … Continue reading

Design & Optimization: « Unity makes strength »

« Unity makes strength ». This well-known proverb reminds us that people fight and conquer when they associate with each other and join their forces. I wrote this article to fight against a continuing belief that SEO specialists and web designers would not able to get along with each other to elaborate a common web … Continue reading

Du référencement au « préférencement », le SEO est-il mort ?

Référencer un site internet consiste à mettre en pratique un certain nombre de techniques pour améliorer sa visibilité sur les moteurs de recherche et générer plus de trafic. Il s’agit d’agir, entre autres, sur la structure même du site, son contenu, et son autorité/influence sur le web. Cette dernière variable a fait l’objet de nombreux … Continue reading

Why is Google+ business model unique?

Google+ is neither a clone of Facebook nor an expanded version of Twitter. When Google+ was launched at the end of June, a vast majority of detractors pointed out an attempt to compete with Facebook and Twitter directly. But, those three giant internet leaders are not simple competitors, their success is based on unique business … Continue reading

Chinese versions of most popular international sites

Major web companies have had hardships entering the Chinese market, due to structural and cultural barriers of entry: A social barrier: Most Chinese internet users tend to prefer home-grown websites since they are better localized for their needs. A technical barrier: Local websites are faster as they can be hosted in China. A legal barrier: … Continue reading

What does a SEO specialist do?

As mentioned earlier, Search Engine Optimization specialists provide clients with various types of recommendations to increase traffic to their site from organic rankings. There are two types of recommendations: Internal factors: basically, we recommend having a solid site structure, creating quality contents, and getting them properly placed. External factors: we look into technics to strengthen … Continue reading

What does a SEM specialist do?

It’s been near to a year I am part of the Search Engine Marketing world and I’ve still had hardships explaining what my job is to my relatives. To make it simple, my job consists of three main areas: Search Engine Optimization: we provide clients with various types of recommendations to increase traffic to their … Continue reading