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Internet: an amazing advertising medium… from a branding side?

I previously published an overview of internet advertising growth over the past 5 years – let’s now address the branding issue of online ads. To complete my Master’s degree, I defended my thesis about Emotional Marketing. I first looked at the marketing history and the related advertising mediums: Then, looking at the current period, here … Continue reading

Internet: an amazing advertising medium… from a statistic side

Advertising industry keeps growing and shining: « Forecasts Global Ad Spending to Surpass $500 Billion in 2011 », according to GroupM. « Significantly, the report said measured internet advertising is expected to contribute 37 percent of global ad growth in 2011 and is likely to reach $82 billion, a growth rate that suggests it will overtake … Continue reading

What does a SEM specialist do?

It’s been near to a year I am part of the Search Engine Marketing world and I’ve still had hardships explaining what my job is to my relatives. To make it simple, my job consists of three main areas: Search Engine Optimization: we provide clients with various types of recommendations to increase traffic to their … Continue reading