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Internet: an amazing advertising medium… from a statistic side

Advertising industry keeps growing and shining: « Forecasts Global Ad Spending to Surpass $500 Billion in 2011 », according to GroupM. « Significantly, the report said measured internet advertising is expected to contribute 37 percent of global ad growth in 2011 and is likely to reach $82 billion, a growth rate that suggests it will overtake newspaper spending (forecast at $90 billion in 2011) at some point in 2012. »

I collected interesting data from ZenithOptimedia to see, since 2007, the growing share of the internet medium:

Share of total adspend by medium 2007-2013:

Their conclusions are outstanding: « Ad expenditure in newspapers and magazines to fall by 2% between 2010 and 2013. Technology to help television, cinema and outdoor grow ahead of the market, while internet advertising grows three times faster than the market as a whole. […] Display advertising now the fastest-growing internet category, driven by online video and social media. »

Internet advertising by type ($US million):

Last Wednesday, the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report revealed that Internet ad revenue has hit $14.9 billion in first half 2011. In the same period, search advertising reached $7.3 billion, representing nearly half of total internet advertising.

Such a growth directly comes from social and demographic trends: « The new generation is the first to be born with new technologies. Contrary to adults who see a revolution into internet, 15-25 year-old people consider take the web for granted. They simultaneously consume traditional and collaborative mediums; it completely shatters structures and definitions. Nowadays, all things have been put together: brands have become mediums, mediums have become brands, internet has become mobile, and TV has become internet… everything has been mixed. » (Bulletin Influencia, 31-05-07).

Finally, I think those words truly reflect large upheavals within the advertising market and their consequences:

  • Game rules have been changing on a daily basis.
  • Marketers have to re-think their strategies.
  • Inceasingly, advertisers have to innovated to remain in the race…

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